Justin Bieber - Holy (Live On Saturday Night Live / 2020) ft. Chance The Rapper 

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18. 10. 2020





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elizabeth miranda
elizabeth miranda Před 13 hodinami
you’re the BEST Justin Bieber❤️
JeaFlix Před dnem
Super Guwapo (Handsome)... His facial expressions are real inspired by GOD which resulted to great music.. This Song is created for all of us!!!
Tata Před dnem
Cynthia Banks
Cynthia Banks Před dnem
Brenda Mosiman
Brenda Mosiman Před 2 dny
김지훈 Před 2 dny
너무 좋읍니다,
a l mcintyre
a l mcintyre Před 2 dny
DJ Horizone
DJ Horizone Před 3 dny
When biebs hits the cross tween tween hessy that hit different
Mimi❤️ Před 3 dny
That was beautiful 🤩😍🙌
Orce Tata
Orce Tata Před 3 dny
You have to understand that he can't sing more than that. You have to understand that the music is made between a laboratory, that is, between a studio. 8 why he takes drugs every day. You have to understand that if he didn't know. nervous a lot of women have been raped and a lot of women have been pregnant You have to understand that the person is a social danger a lot of people protect him but you have to understand that he was hospitalized for a psychiatric hospital and more than that he was sent to very special hospital there was and ran away from there more so you have to understand that he consumes alcohol consumes mouths and You have to understand that his voice gets thicker you have to wonder a lot why is the voice so thin the voice once you start to treat yourself already the voice has to get thicker So you have to understand that it is a danger all his songs is made on the computer You have to understand and that no song It's not real who says he has all his songs are real it's not true You have to understand that everything is fake and everything is made to take public opinion more and more You have to understand that he if not her automatic drug gets more and more nervous
Anonymous 123
Anonymous 123 Před 4 dny
Don’t like Justin bieber and I’m not religious but I love this song
Harliegh Hard
Harliegh Hard Před 5 dny
SANIL VARGHESE Snazzy Creations
pedro gates
pedro gates Před 6 dny
This song is really 🔥🔥
hrishita ola
hrishita ola Před 6 dny
Happy Birthday Justin..
Aditi Gaur
Aditi Gaur Před 6 dny
Happy birthday Justin 🤗
Mehul Thapliyal_SxS
Omgg ! This made me cry 🥺🥺😭😭 May you stay happy always JB ! We beleibers are always with you ❤❤❤
Vann Aziz
Vann Aziz Před 9 dny
Bring back your old hairstyle
Ahmed Halo
Ahmed Halo Před 9 dny
The best singer in World
Patrick Green
Patrick Green Před 9 dny
I was never a fan of his music.. but this song, this song hits different.. keep it up Justin, you're doing good.
a l mcintyre
a l mcintyre Před 9 dny
Damm i wish i could sing
a l mcintyre
a l mcintyre Před 9 dny
Best snl performance 👏best just performance 👏
Music Film
Music Film Před 9 dny
"Where all having a sexual Christmas night. Where all having a sexual holy night."
John Bartleson
John Bartleson Před 9 dny
REVIVAL is Upon Us!!🙏🙏
Jangchun Thaimei
Jangchun Thaimei Před 11 dny
Vocal king Justin
Gianni Před 11 dny
Jrose Guildea
Jrose Guildea Před 12 dny
From baby baby baby to holy holy holy
a l mcintyre
a l mcintyre Před 12 dny
Been looking 4 u
a l mcintyre
a l mcintyre Před 12 dny
Where have you been
yasmin Moreira pinho Yasmin Moreira pinho
Justin Bieber lindo ❤️
Stefani Ormandzhieva
Amen 🙏🏻
Stefani Ormandzhieva
Just keep this🔥🎤
Keer Zeng
Keer Zeng Před 13 dny
Rafaelina Fabian
Rafaelina Fabian Před 13 dny
Te amo Díos
Rafaelina Fabian
Rafaelina Fabian Před 13 dny
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ wow Justin Bieber es un altistas que canta hermoso , gracias a Dios por qué lo regreso a sus camino es tan hermoso ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ te quiero mucho 💞
mean ezekiel
mean ezekiel Před 14 dny
So good your voice
Sarah Kramer
Sarah Kramer Před 14 dny
I love to see how you’re love of music has come back and all the emotion you’ve put into it. You can see you’re singing from your heart. Keep it up we’re all loving it
The Helpful Mom
The Helpful Mom Před 14 dny
I’m glad chance is on this song! Love this performance with these two!
nutan Shrestha
nutan Shrestha Před 14 dny
Your my first love jb.... Don't know why I'm falling for them who's names start with J 😌💜❤
Adrian experiments and vlog
I just hear this and then I help people ☺️
Kaylia Hoyt
Kaylia Hoyt Před 15 dny
Holy out now i Follow Justin Bieber i'm his Biggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggest Number one fan of him i love him he is so Amazing singer my heart i love him so much i wanna meet him First yes
Dog Mayor
Dog Mayor Před 15 dny
Not guna lie...i kinda like this song lol. Has that old school beat
Rishit Murarka
Rishit Murarka Před 16 dny
2021 gang where you at!?
Ümmü Çinkılıç
Ümmü Çinkılıç Před 17 dny
ERIKA TVVLOG Před 18 dny
you are the best singer idol Justin
RN - 03DS 891516 Hilldale PS
Your so your song is so good
Maria Nguyen
Maria Nguyen Před 19 dny
Justin Bieber 😍😍 babyy ahh! 💕💕😌
Ferry Budiman
Ferry Budiman Před 19 dny
Love uu men
Johnny Saucedo
Johnny Saucedo Před 19 dny
Good song. I just don't think it means what people think it means. It sounds like who ever he is singing about makes it feel like a religious experience. I don't remember anyone at anytime refer to God as "Baby". Good song though.
Doubay A
Doubay A Před 20 dny
If this guy didn't believe in God, he'd be dead by now.
Robin Ford
Robin Ford Před 21 dnem
I adore Chance as well. ❤
Robin Ford
Robin Ford Před 21 dnem
This was phenomenal!! Straight up 🔥. Blew my mind. ❤👍❤
Robin Ford
Robin Ford Před 21 dnem
His voice 🔥❤
으니티비 euniTV
으니티비 euniTV Před 22 dny
Wow! You're so cool! It's full of hearts!
ASEEM SANDHU Před 23 dny
Rebeca Cunha
Rebeca Cunha Před 23 dny
Amazing ❤
Samima Aktar
Samima Aktar Před 24 dny
No matter what song he sings touches my heart
Juvy Lorilla
Juvy Lorilla Před 25 dny
I love you JB
Kiddy Promo
Kiddy Promo Před 25 dny
I love it, love you
carole leveillee
carole leveillee Před 25 dny
do you read here
Jonathan Pohena
Jonathan Pohena Před 25 dny
He's Really change ,luv u Bieber
Drea Ventures
Drea Ventures Před 26 dny
I will forever be your fan, JB!
Sandra Sandberg
Sandra Sandberg Před 26 dny
I like you wow
Jason Mcalhaney
Jason Mcalhaney Před 28 dny
Literally his songs are so good
Immanuel Assam
Immanuel Assam Před 28 dny
hold me fell so holy
Jiyash1982 Před 29 dny
2:03 chances bti
a l mcintyre
a l mcintyre Před 29 dny
Reach out to brian warner... please ☆17
a l mcintyre
a l mcintyre Před 29 dny
This was such an amazing message brother ☆17 show this message again and again!
a l mcintyre
a l mcintyre Před 29 dny
I looooove mgk... however, this was the best performance ever on snl ☆17 this is magical
Sarah .93
Sarah .93 Před měsícem
I honestly don't think Justin has ever sounded better! Congrats man!
k m
k m Před měsícem
I've waited long time. I always liked and respected him because I knew he was extremely talented and great guy since beginning. Now he's be blooming different flower, finally getting respect he deserve.
Oriane Ben
Oriane Ben Před měsícem
Oriane Ben
Oriane Ben Před měsícem
Yassir Brook
Yassir Brook Před měsícem
I don't know where the last "holy" came from
Yassir Brook
Yassir Brook Před měsícem
jamie bennett
jamie bennett Před měsícem
Perhaps if he stays in this zone he will have a great family and not be another child star that crashes and burns. Great track loved it. Not even a Justin fan! Might be now think I am going to jam that!
o k
o k Před měsícem
damin Před měsícem
What do you call justin’s cloth like that??
tyler Před měsícem
And when you up there
tyler Před měsícem
holy holy holy holy holy holy
Ezequiel Reyes
Ezequiel Reyes Před měsícem
HOLY ❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹
anil burud
anil burud Před měsícem
Garden Girl
Garden Girl Před měsícem
Beautiful performance...beautiful people. Loved this!
Chika Izumi
Chika Izumi Před měsícem
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Kweli Brice
Kweli Brice Před měsícem
Eduardo Ibarra
Eduardo Ibarra Před měsícem
Seriously justin bieber is Soo adourble and cute😌😍❤️💕
Chriscella Paulus
Chriscella Paulus Před měsícem
Always give the best! ❤you 😙
Leon Ramsay
Leon Ramsay Před měsícem
Reminds of options,Kymani Marley & Common.
Leon Ramsay
Leon Ramsay Před měsícem
Who built this track,vocals combined,timeless!
Michael Campbell
Michael Campbell Před měsícem
My mom is in love with you Justin!!!
Angela Rosa Sciarra
Angela Rosa Sciarra Před měsícem
Sei bravo hai una voce pezzi giusti sempre 🥰
VICKY BYRD Před měsícem
I love this song I feel it
Madeline Před měsícem
But why he got a 3 on his hat? XD Holy trinity..?
britney rigail
britney rigail Před měsícem
that last holy...
Jeni Luvs Jay
Jeni Luvs Jay Před měsícem
God looks beautiful on you. ❤️
rbdg md
rbdg md Před měsícem
I used to hate him but now i love him
Ava Barrett
Ava Barrett Před měsícem
Wait justin is friends with chance the rapper
Tomas Roldan
Tomas Roldan Před měsícem
Piso la ban dera de argentina 😬😬😢😢😧 te amaba jostin 😔😔
Marney Před měsícem